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Yirgacheffe Magic

Organic Single Origin

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  • Taste and Flavor: Gorgeously  sweet with lush fruit-tones. Orange-y citrus, blueberry, dark chocolate, apple cider, cherry blossom. A silky and lively mouth-feel, rich acidity. Deeply flavor-saturated finish. You will certainly discover even more flavors and tastes. Be sure and let us know what you discover!
  • Your order is special to us and is roasted only for you and only when you have placed your order. It is meticulously, lovingly and artfully hand roasted  here in our Addis Ababa roasting atelier by the Master Roast Artisan you select and according to your choice of roast. We then pack your coffee in our state of the art bags and express ship your coffee to your door the same day. Because you and this amazing coffee deserving nothing less.
  • This is the finest coffee ​that you have ever sipped . Guaranteed  

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