Our Big Idea

ethiopian whole bean coffee

Coffee’s 4th Wave Begins 

Garden of Coffee heralds the beginning of what we are terming Coffee’s "Fourth Wave."

The 4th Wave is founded on several key ideas. Most importantly the 4th Wave is about taking control of the means of production and adding value to our coffees by our own hands and in our own manner. And what better place could there be to begin The 4th Wave than in coffee’s birth place and the home of coffees richest coffee culture: ETHIOPIA.

We are passionately excited about this new movement as it will allow people like us to exert direct control over the Ethiopian coffee experience in all facets instead of having those interpreted by others. This includes the history, the context, the varieties and origins, the methods – everything from growing to roasting, and the outcomes that are all integral parts of the experience of drinking Ethiopian coffees.  

The end result will be something coffee lovers everywhere are craving: a more exciting, authentic and rewarding Ethiopian coffee experience


Preserving Culture, Promoting Prosperity

Garden of Coffee doesn’t just expose coffee lovers to the finest coffees on the planet-we connect them with the absolute  finest artisan coffee roasters on the planet.

The artisan coffee crafting techniques we use are often multi-generational skills passed from parent to child and have flourished here in Ethiopia for millennia. By engaging with Garden Of Coffee and our ecosystem of coffee roasting artists, our customers are ensuring that this legacy of coffee craftsmanship lives on and flourishes, while also providing a platform for high quality job creation, essential for an emerging nation like Ethiopia. By skillfully leveraging our coffee roasting heritages with our amazing high quality coffees and marrying them with technology we are proud to have been able to create a platform for many high quality jobs. 

Our customers not only get to select their beans of choice and their type of roast, they select who roasts these beans and the type of roast they want. In doing so our customers have the opportunity to develop direct relationships with these incredible coffee roasting artists.

Redefining Ethiopian Single Origin Specialty Coffee Through Authenticity & Focus

We focus exclusively & passionately on Ethiopian coffees in the most intimate manner possible, allowing us to bring you the rarest and highest quality Ethiopian coffees. That is our mission and its what we live and breathe!

We believe that nothing makes more sense from a final product quality point of view than for single origin coffees to be provided to the final consumer of those beans by the origins themselves. So we chose to focus on Ethiopia not simply because Ethiopia is our home but most importantly because Ethiopia is home to both the highest quality coffees and the most talented artisan coffee roasters. So there is every reason for us to focus only on Ethiopia as it means we can give you the best coffees you have ever experienced!

Other coffee company's source coffee globally, import it and roast according to their own interpretations. They are disconnected from the coffee origins in significant ways. None of them can match the level of immersion, focus, dedication and authenticity Garden of Coffee delivers.

What’s in a name

We chose Garden of Coffee as our name for 2 reasons.

One was that we wanted to create an image that evoked the birth of coffee, the literal Garden Of Eden that Ethiopia is and which gifted coffee to the world.

And second was to present an image of a magical garden into which coffee lovers can enter and literally experience & LIVE the legendary coffees of Ethiopia in totally new and magical ways.