Origin Trade: Redefining Freshness, Fairness and QUALITY

OriginTRADE™ is a pioneering and revolutionary concept.

OriginTRADEmeans we source, process, roast and package our coffees right here in Ethiopia where we grow them. This ensures the absolute best coffees for our customers, low impact for the environment and an engine for prosperity and change for us the growers, processors and roasters of these coffees.

We were born, we have grown up and we live and work at the source of the most exquisite coffees in the world: Ethiopia. The best farmers throughout Ethiopia aren’t just our suppliers--they are family and friends. Our ability to get the freshest and the highest quality beans while generating the most value for the farmers and the smallest environmental footprint is unmatched.

If ever there was a category ripe for a radical re-alignment and yes disruption, the coffee market is it. Does it make sense for Ethiopia, the producer and in fact the originator of the finest, most legendary Arabicas on the planet, to ship our magical raw green beans thousands of miles for roasting when we can produce the absolute finest roasts right here using our own talented roasting artisans? We think everyone would agree it does not.


Creating An Engine for Prosperity 

OriginTRADE™ believes that to truly affect lasting prosperity, coffee producing nations like ours must brand and package their own coffee and sell it . The key reasons for this belief are as follows: 

       1. The value of this coffee is preserved in terms of quality for the final consumer. We create the absolutely freshest, highest quality product when transformed at source.

       2. The value created economically by roasting + packaging at origin is immeasurable. Our business model and our location allows us to both pursue the absolute best quality coffees and to pay the true premiums that these coffees deserve to get but have never been able to command.

       3. Our interests are directly aligned with our farmers and our entire value chain in a way that external actors could never be , and as such our farmers now have the right incentive to deliver their most amazing beans.  

      4. Commodities like coffee that are transformed near to their sources reduce CO(2) dramatically.