Where are these delicious coffees roasted?

We prepare and roast  our coffees inside our Addis Ababa roasting atelier on our magnificent ceramic roasters


Why are these delicious coffees hand-roasted?

Hand-roasting coffee is an ancient art here in Ethiopia and one that we strongly feel is worth preserving and promoting. Most importantly we believe this method of coffee roasting is the KEY to unlocking Ethiopian coffee’s true magical tastes.


Why do you  roast for each individual order? Isn't that hard?

Your order is very special to us and so it roasted only for you and only when you have placed your order. We feel this results in the freshest most amazing coffee . Your order is meticulously, lovingly and artfully hand roasted  here in our Addis Ababa roasting atelier by the Master Roast Artisan you select and according to your choice of roast . We then pack your coffee in our state of the art bags and express ship your coffee to your door the same day. Because you and our amazing coffees deserving nothing less.

Our unique one of a kind hand roasted on demand model means that our gifted coffee artists roast ONLY for your specific order . This is not small batch coffee roasting – this is PERSONALIZED  ROASTING - the ultimate  roasted  coffee experience.

Our methodology is not only excellence personified , it is the same method of coffee roasting that is done here in Ethiopia where beans are individually hand selected  and roasts are specifically crafted for each individual coffee drinking session. Preserving this methodology allows  us to bring something remarkable to coffee lovers: our coffee gifted artisans devote  100% of their skill and attention  to YOUR coffee and your coffee alone, resulting in us achieving a level of excellence in  taste and quality that is not possible from any other commercially available coffee on the planet.


Why do you let customers choose the roast type ?

Everyone's tastes are unique and we believe that everyone should be able to order coffee the way THEY want it , not simply the way the roaster wants to roast it . We believe that no one knows their preferences better than you  and that's why we are very proud to be the 1st  coffee company on the planet to allow YOU to choose your roast type .


Why do you let customers choose the person who roasts their coffee ?

Our aim at Garden of Coffee is both to expose coffee lovers to the finest coffees on the planet AND most importantly, to connect them with the absolute finest artisan COFFEE ROASTERS on the planet.

By allowing you to select your roaster, you have the opportunity to develop a direct relationship with our coffee roasting artists. Each bag that is roasted   comes with a personalized note from the roasting artisan to you, containing their thoughts about the coffee they have roasted just for you. And their notes encourage you to communicate your thoughts about the coffee they have roasted back to them.


Why do you only sell Whole Roasted Beans and not Ground options ?

We only sell whole roasted beans because we believe that is the best way to ensure your beans retain all their freshness and flavor , right up until when you are ready to grind and transform them into a magical coffee drink. 


How long will my order take?

We roast and pack your order within 24 hours. We then ship it to your door via DHL EXPRESS which takes between 2 - 4 business days. 


How did you come up with the name Garden of Coffee?

We came up with the name Garden of Coffee essentially for 2 reasons.

One was we wanted to create an image that evoked the birth of coffee, the literal GARDEN OF EDEN that Ethiopia is and which gifted coffee to the world;

And secondly was to present an image of a magical garden into which coffee lovers could enter and literally experience & LIVE the legendary coffees of Ethiopia in  totally new and magical ways.


What does the Garden of Coffee logo represent ?

Our logo beautifully captures an act that is near and dear to every Ethiopian and every lover of Ethiopia : coffee being skillfully roasted by hand . In Amharic we call our logo Ye Buna Enat which in English translates as Mother of Coffee . It visually symbolizes what Garden of Coffee is all about : authentic , heartfelt hospitality delivered inside each cup of coffee that we serve.


Why do you only roast Ethiopian coffees?

We focus exclusively & passionately on Ethiopian coffees in the most intimate manner possible , allowing us to bring you the rarest and highest quality Ethiopian coffees. That is our mission and its what we live and breathe !

We believe that nothing makes more sense from a final product quality point of view than for single origin coffees to be provided to the final consumer of those beans by the origins themselves. So we chose to focus on Ethiopia not simply because Ethiopia is our home but most importantly because Ethiopia is home to both the highest quality coffees and the most talented artisan coffee roasters. So there is every reason for us to focus only on Ethiopia as it means we can give you the best coffees you have ever experienced!

Other coffee company's source coffee globally, import it and roast according to their own interpretations. They are disconnected from the coffee origins in significant ways. None of them can match the level of immersion, focus, dedication and authenticity Garden of Coffee delivers.


What is OriginTRADE™

OriginTRADE™ is a pioneering and revolutionary concept which means we source, process, roast and package our coffees right here in Ethiopia where we grow them. This ensures the absolute best coffees for our customers, low impact for the environment and an engine for prosperity and change for us the growers, processors and roasters of these coffees. You can read more about OriginTRADEhere.


What is Coffee’s 4th Wave ? 

Garden of Coffee heralds the beginning of what we are terming Coffee’s "Fourth Wave."

The 4th Wave is founded on several key ideas. Most importantly the 4th Wave is about taking control of the means of production and adding value to our coffees by our own hands and in our own manner. And what better place could there be to begin The 4th Wave than in coffee’s birth place and the home of coffees richest coffee culture: ETHIOPIA.

We are passionately excited about this new movement as it will allow people like us to exert direct control over the Ethiopian coffee experience in all facets instead of having those interpreted by others. This includes the history, the context, the varieties and origins, the methods – everything from growing to roasting, and the outcomes that are all integral parts of the experience of drinking Ethiopian coffees.  

The end result will be something coffee lovers everywhere are craving: a more exciting, authentic and rewarding Ethiopian coffee experience


I want to open a Garden of Coffee cafe - How can I do that ? 

To get more information about licensing a Garden of Coffee store please contact us here .


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