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Our Story : A Coffee Brand Millennia In The Making

Ethiopia is not only the birthplace of coffee and  the finest producer of specialty coffee in the world; coffee is also our birthright and we  inhabit the most dynamic coffee culture from birth. The Arabica bean itself was born here, and this is where it LOVES to be.

In Ethiopia we don’t just grow coffee. We LIVE  coffee each and every day. Its embedded in the DNA of our daily life. Coffee personifies  Ethiopia and we in turn personify it. We grow up surrounded by family members harvesting  the finest beans and then hand selecting and  hand roasting these beans and preparing them into the most magical coffees ever sipped.

 Within this milieu we have developed the most  gifted coffee artists on the planet, each one  steeped in the arts + techniques of selecting and hand roasting Ethiopia’s coffee beans . These artists have the singular talent to bring out the true magical qualities of Ethiopia’s coffee beans.

I began Garden of Coffee so that people everywhere can experience that magic. Because once you taste Ethiopian coffee that has been hand roasted by traditional Ethiopian coffee artisans on our hand crafted ceramic roasters, your coffee perspectives are forever changed.

And so it is my great pleasure to invite you all to come with us and LIVE COFFEE.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

Creator, Garden of Coffee