About us

Garden of Coffee is a platform that directly connects lovers of Ethiopian coffees with the very best Ethiopian coffee beans and the most talented Ethiopian artisan hand roasters for those beans.

Garden of Coffee is the antithesis of factory roasting. We source ​the finest ​beans from across Ethiopia and these are then re-selected by our team of the worlds finest artisan hand roasters. We then prepare and roast them only for your order on our magnificent clay roasters inside our Addis Ababa roasting atelier.  And we roast with the greatest of care in the same manner that’s been perfected here in Ethiopia for millennia - by hand, watching, smelling ​and hearing every single ​​bean roast. It’s a magical process that ​allows us to bring out the absolute finest qualities from each bean. The result: The finest coffee ​that you have ever sipped. Guaranteed.

Garden Of Coffee promises the most immersive experience into the rarest, freshest and highest quality single origin Ethiopian coffees. Ethiopia is home to THOUSANDS of undiscovered varietals and we intend to let you experience all of them. This promises to be a most amazing journey.

Come with us and LIVE  COFFEE™