Our Artisan Roasters

Our coffee roasting  artists have the singular talent to bring out the true magical qualities of Ethiopia’s coffee beans.

Once you taste Ethiopian coffee that has been hand-roasted by traditional Ethiopian coffee artisans, your coffee perspectives are forever changed. 

If you want any additional information from any of our Master Roasters, please just email us at and be sure to put their name in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!



Wubayehu Legese

My name is Wubayo but everyone calls me Wub. I have been living coffee my entire life. Growing up I watched my mom and grandma prepare and roast beans and I always found it a magical experience. The precision and the skill with which they worked amazed me and the flavors and scents they produced were just otherworldly. I am very excited that I can continue to use these skills to share Ethiopia's amazing hand roasted coffees with people everywhere.

I am personally loving the Wellega Ultimate these days. It is such a special coffee; deliciously fruity, and sweet and mind blowingly clean--just like the description says. I would love to make some just for you.


Selam Taye

My name is Selam. I suppose I am what you would call a coffee super nerd. I grew up living coffee just like Bethlehem explains. It became a part of me and I am so happy that I have found a place where I am able to do that every day.

These days I am really excited about our SIDAMO LEGENDARY – try it and you will see why it has the name it does.


Marta Werkneh

Hello Ethiopian coffee lovers. My name is Marta and i LIVE COFFEE. It was a dream to be able to join Garden of Coffee because coffee is so special to me. My mom taught me how to hand roast as a young girl and I have been perfecting my skills since then.

I know you will LOVE whatever i roast for you :)


Sinehiwot Eshetu

My name is Sinhiwot and people call me SINE :) I am a master roaster able to develop all roast levels especially the medium level roasts.

I highly recommend you try me on the Yirgachaffee Magic in a Medium Dark roast It truly is MAGIC !


Hiwot Taye

Greetings Lovers of Ethiopian Coffee . My name is Hiwot and it is my pleasure to be roasting for you.

Roasting coffee is a passion for me and I would love to share my passion with you by roasting you some of our amazing coffees.


Felekech Tesfaye

Hello. Felekech is my name but most people call me Fele. I have been roasting coffee since I was a your girl . My grandmother was my mentor and she made the most amazing coffees. In fact she was known in our neighborhood for being the most incredible coffee roaster, so much so that people would find any excuse to come to our home in hopes of getting a cup of coffee from here. That is the inspiration i bring to my art here at Garden of Coffee and I look forward to roasting some of Garden of Coffee's coffee just for you.


Kalkidan Mergiyawu

Kal here and welcome to Garden of Coffee. Coffee is so personal and thats what makes me so excited about what we do at Garden of Coffee - letting YOU , our wonderful customers can choose your favorite roast level for the coffees that we roast for you. That's what we are all about - giving you what YOU love in every cup.I am excited to start roasting some bags for you!