Our Methods: A Millennia of Excellence In Your Cup

Hand-Roasting coffee is an art in Ethiopia that involves multiple skills and elements. Our artisans are deeply skilled in creating the perfect conditions for a perfect roast.

Our process starts with hand-selecting perfect coffee beans. My mom taught me the same virtue that every Ethiopian learns growing up: The more perfect the green coffee bean, the more even the roast, and the better the taste. Just as the finest wines begin with the finest grapes, truly exceptional coffee begins with the beans.  

Our artists personally select each and every green bean for every single order ensuring they are smooth and perfectly shaped. They also inspect every roasted batch for cracked or burned beans as any imperfect beans affect the taste of the final coffee.

Our unique one of a kind hand roasted on demand model means that our gifted coffee artists roast ONLY for your specific order. this is not small batch coffee roasting – this is personalized roasting - the ultimate roasted coffee experience. Your order is hand roasted only for your order on our magical ceramic roasters and then is packed and shipped directly to you. 

Our methodology is excellence personified. And our method is the same method of coffee roasting that is done here in Ethiopia where beans are individually hand selected and roasts are specifically crafted for each individual coffee drinking session. Preserving this methodology allows us to bring something remarkable to coffee lovers: our gifted coffee artisans devote 100% of their skill and attention to your coffee and your coffee alone, resulting in us achieving a level of excellence in taste and quality that is not possible from any other commercially available coffee on the planet.

We deploy technology to allow our artisan roasters to hand roast while precisely measuring barometric pressure , humidity allowing them to adjust for natural acidity and specific characteristics of the beans. We meticulously monitor the temperature of the roasting beans and the ambient environment to ensure consistency in every coffee we deliver. It’s the ultimate interplay between tradition and technology.