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Our Cafe & Roasteries

Garden of Coffee Cafe Roastery # 1

Rosetta Building, From Rwanda St. Embassy on the way to Bole Road

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251 91 156 8084

Open 24 hours

Map to Garden of Coffee


Garden of Coffee Cafe Roastery # 2

Sar Bet

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Our Cafe - Roasteries showcase Ethiopia's unique coffee culture to coffee lovers worldwide. Garden of Coffee guests are able to select the exact type of Ethiopian coffee they want and then they can select the roast level from six different types. Garden of Coffee guests will see green coffee beans arriving directly from their respective growing regions around Ethiopia, and then watch as these beans are prepared and transformed into some of the most magnificent coffee they have ever sipped by the top hand-roasting artisans in Ethiopia -- all right before their eyes. Cafe guests can then select and sample coffees from the various roasters, allowing them to appreciate the different skills of each roaster and find their roaster of choice.

Our Cafe - Roasteries also feature a retail section where guests can buy freshly roasted versions of the coffees they drink in the cafe. All bags are ate marked with the roast date and the name of the artisan roaster. Garden of Coffee cafe's also feature a roast to order service that allows guests to order their coffee and roast level of choice. The coffee is then packed and sealed in Garden of Coffee's state of the art bags in the size of the customer's choosing.