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Fundamentally Garden of Coffee is a platform that directly connects lovers of Ethiopian coffees with the very best Ethiopian coffee beans and the most talented Ethiopian artisan hand roasters for those beans.


Garden Of Coffee promises the most immersive experience into the rarest , freshest and highest quality single origin ETHIOPIAN coffees . Ethiopia is home to THOUSANDS of undiscovered varietals ; we intend to let you experience all of them. this promises to be a most amazing journey.

Come with us and LIVE  COFFEE™ 


PACKAGING :YOU deserve the absolute freshest beans!

At garden of coffee delivering the highest quality coffee experience is our living and breathing passion. Period.

We love that coffee packaging technology has provided us the most unique opportunity to bring our individually & personalized hand roasted coffees of Ethiopia to the world , preserving their unique taste and aromas  , allowing  them to be enjoyed in their optimal state all the time.

We package our coffee in state of the art bags resulting in the freshness  and aromas of our coffee being preserved at the height of its taste and freshness properties , meaning every single cup of Garden of Coffee is extraordinary and maintains the magical elements of taste and aroma that our hand roasting imbued them with ! 

We are fanatical  about  ensuring that our exacting standards are in place throughout our entire process and supply chain,  from the farm to our roasting processes and on to the  finished package , ensuring  you the highest quality coffee experience  every single time. We GUARANTEE it.